Tips for Choosing the Right Motorcycle Riding Gear

Road safety is a concern for drivers and motorcyclists alike. While drivers have the protection of seat belts and airbags, riders typically have nothing between themselves and the road. Therefore, they must choose the right safety gear to reduce the risk of injury in an accident. Here, riders can find out how to select the right gear for any riding condition.

Consider Comfort Levels

To an extent, weather conditions can determine what kind of gear a motorcyclist wears. However, comfort is important. Uncomfortable gear is distracting, and riders should consider various factors when riding in inclement weather.

Dress for the Hottest Days of Summer

When riding in high temperatures, motorcyclists should dress in layers of moisture-wicking materials. According to various sources, covering up can limit the effects of sun, wind and dehydration. Mesh gloves, jackets and vests can all increase protection while keeping a rider cool.


Riders should try to avoid the rain because it makes the roads extremely slick. When a rainy ride is unavoidable, choose gear that’s breathable and water-resistant. Rain gear should fit well and give the rider the option to add warm layers.

Cold Weather

Ice, snow and cold temps typically don’t make for good riding, and warm gear is essential. Underneath the protective gear, base layers like glove liners and thermal underwear can help. Toes and fingers are especially susceptible to cold weather, and riders should consider using heat packs in boots and gloves.

Head Protection

While helmet use isn’t mandatory in every state, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends helmets that meet DOT standards. These rules define the minimum performance level a helmet must meet to protect a rider’s brain and skull in a crash.

Feet and Hands

Riders should choose boots that go over the ankle and have composite, rubber-based and oil-resistant soles. For the hands, buy full-finger gloves with the right fit, as they can improve grip and prevent injury.

Finding the Right Gear

Proper motorcycle riding gear serves as a protective layer between the rider and the road. To achieve the highest level of protection, choose quality all-weather riding gear from Riders Discount.

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